Anonymous asked: Favorite Circa Survive song?

Please don’t hate me, but I honestly haven’t listened to them enough to have a favorite song. I remember once I was going to like download  their whole discography to impress this girl I like, but it didn’t work out with her, haha.

Anonymous asked: have you ever been depressed?

I have been. And actually diagnosed so, not that self-diagnosis is a bad thing, I just want to stress that I’ve been so depressed I had to have doctors confirm it. I actually was committed to a hospital at one point in my life. It’s a daily struggle to not feel miserable, but I definitely think I’m winning.

If anyone ever, ever wants to talk to me about depression or sad stuff, or you just need to vent, don’t hesitate! I won’t publish personal asks like that. I also really want to stress that seeking professional help is the absolutely best thing you can do in order to help recover. 

Anonymous asked: how many followers you have on here?

A little over 1500. I am anti-Tumblr Famous.

Anonymous asked: your favorite blogs on here? (my bestest friend) (my other bestie’s art blog)

Anonymous asked: does looks matter to you in order to be your friend?

Oh my god, no! I really hope I don’t come off as being that shallow. Come off anon and be my friend! :)

Anonymous asked: Do you watch Orphan Black? If so who's your favorite clone? :)

I’ve been meaning to watch that show for ages! Alas, my TV watching is slacking in a major way. I never have time to watch shows, I have to binge watch them in one sitting, which is why I love Netflix so much, haha. Anyone know if it’s on the BBC website?

Anonymous asked: would you be friends with someone who is shallow?

I think everyone is a little shallow in some ways. I can tolerate people being superficial and vain to certain extents, I can even look past it if they have other redeeming qualities about themselves.


Choi Junyoung by Hyea W Kang for Vogue Korea August 2014

Stefanie Biggel Resort 2015

Campaña: COS Otoño/Invierno 2014
Campaign: COS Autumn/Winter 2014

Anonymous asked: yeah remember that prisoner Jeremy meeks guy that kept popping up on social media especially on here how lots of women were attracted to him. I saw some women saying "ill let him rape me" and im like "wtf" that's not funny. They doing too much.

The thirst was too real for Jeremy. 


Alek Stoodley | Photographed by Angelika Wierzbicka for Idol Magazine

Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on rape jokes? Do you think that subject is off limits or do you think if the context of the joke is handled properly it's okay?

There’s no excuse for poking fun at something so traumatic. Point blank. As the daughter of a comedian, I definitely feel that if you have to resort to being offensive to get some laughs, you’re just a lazy comedian. Comedy should be therapeutic and a fun experience for everyone, and by laughing about rape, you are just condoning that behavior. I’m all for boundary pushing and controversy, for the sake of your art, but it’s totally unnecessary to take that route, when telling a joke.


Miu Miu S/S 2014 (details)